Our Services and Fees

http://shinyfastandloud.com/?m=201211 We offer both self-initiated and Court-Appointed or Court-Ordered services. Below is a list of our services and fees. We do not accept private insurance at this time, but we do recommend you ask your insurance provider about out-of-network benefits because they may reimburse you for the services directly.

General Counseling Services:

  • Initial Assessment/Intake Appointment (90 Minutes) $100.00/session
  • Individual Therapy Session (Office Visit) (50 Minutes) $85.00/session
  • Family Therapy/Co-Parenting/Couples/EMDR session (60-90 Minutes) $95.00/session
  • In-Home Family or Individual Session (50-90 Minutes) $110.00/session
Counseling Services of Arizona

Counseling Services of Arizona

Court-Involved Services:

  • Therapeutic Intervention (Retainer: $1250) $125/Hour
  • Focused/Limited Family Assessment (Retainer: $1500) $150.00/Hour
  • Parenting Coordination (Retainer: $1050) $150/Hour
  • Supervised Visitation $65/Hour within 15 miles of office (farther requires an extra hour)
  • Therapeutic Supervised visitation ($75/Hour)
  • Parenting Consultation $100/Hour

Mediation/Collaborative Law for Divorcing Couples:

  • Divorce Mediation $165/Hour (1st 2 hours Prepaid - Additional hours as agreed upon)
  • Collaborative Divorce - Family Relationship Specialist $200/hour (Retainer: $2000)
  • Collaborative Divorce - Child Specialist $200/hour (Retainer: $1000)
Counseling Services of Arizona

** Retainers: Due to the additional services and communication required of court-involved work, retainers are required. I charge for sessions, report writing, document review, attendance at meetings/court, staffing calls with other professionals and travel. When the retainer is depleted, I will arrange for a replenishment of the full or partial retainer depending on the work left to be done. Should there be a balance left after all services are charged and paid for, the balance will be returned to you.